Stock Footage

Handful of Films licenses 4K and HD footage from its rich and unique archives. This collection includes footage of skin-cutting initiation rites in Papua New Guinea, underwater breathhold diving with the Badjoa of the Philippines, sea-mammal hunting and nest raiding with the Inuit of Arctic Russia, reindeer herding in summer and winter with the nomadic Chukchi, and many other highly unusual “ethnographic encounters” around the world.

We also license footage from our collection of dramatic re-enactments of early human cultures, depicting our origins in Africa (desert and coast), early humans in Ice Age settings, Neanderthals, and pre-contact Arctic humans on sea and land.

Our collection includes 4K aerials of settings around the planet, as well as ultra-slow-motion (high speed) footage of animals, humans and natural phenomena.

Nature Footage is our exclusive stock footage representative.