Humans transformed their world from the saddle of a horse. Explore the evolution of horsepower, discover the mysterious origins of our incredible partnership, and witness our enduring love of horses in the present day.

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It’s no surprise that when the world’s brainiest biped climbed atop the world’s greatest land-runner, that union rapidly changed the planet. Ever since the mysterious origins of our extraordinary partnership, horses have shaped the human world. At the speed of a horse, our ancestors conquered distance, toppled empires and knit the pieces back together to create the modern world.

What is it that makes humans and horses so perfect for each other? Why are these huge animals so eager to please? And how have we transformed the wild horse we tamed 6000 years ago into over 400 specialized breeds today?

In 2015, anthropologist Niobe Thompson brought the story of our origins to screens around the world with the internationally acclaimed three-part series The Great Human Odyssey. Now, he takes us to a new era in the human journey: the moment tamed the horse, and harnessed horsepower.

Join Niobe on an adventure of discovery around the world, and back in time to the first riders. Meet the world’s only wild horses, who rely on seals to survive. Join horse nomads in Mongolia on a gruelling mid-winter migration. Encounter extraordinary breeds in the hottest and coldest places on Earth. Discover why horses have 360-degree vision, and gallop on a single toe. And travel 45 million years back in time, and witness for the first time a perfect 3D reconstruction of the first horse.

Winner of more Canadian Screen Awards than any other documentary of its year, including the prestigious Rob Stewart Award for Best Science & Nature Program.

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Episodes 1&2 air back-to-back called "First Horse Warriors" are available for streaming on NOVA. Episodes 1&3, "Origins" and "Chasing the Wind", are available on PBS Nature.


"Die Geschichte von Mensch und Pferd" is available for streaming on ZDF.


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Broadcast in 2019.



Niobe Thompson

Executive Producer

Caroline Underwood

Writer & Director

Niobe Thompson

Co-Director, German & French Versions

Dennis Wells

Co-Producer, Kazakhstan & Russia

Nurbol Baimukhanov


Brenda Terning, Scott Parker, Krystal Moss


Darren Fung

Music By

Members of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra & Pro Coro Canada


Daron Donahue & aAron Munson

Additional Cinematography

Gabrielle Nadeau, Charles Taylor & Luke Campbell

Sound Recordist

Philip Dransfeld

Sound Design

Johnny Blerot

Production Manager

Sandra Tober

Production Coordinator

Tamarra Canu

Senior Producer for CBC

Sue Dando

Art Director

Zhannat Baimukhanova

Handful Credit
Cbc Credit
Pbs Credit

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