With unprecedented access to Canada’s busiest transplant hospital, Memento Mori carries us headlong into a world of hope lost, and hope returned. Alongside surgeons at work, inside meeting rooms, and at patients’ bedsides, we witness powerful human dramas unfold, animated by the inextricable interplay between life and death.

Memento Mori Wordmark
From Death Comes Life
Memento Mori Award
Memento Mori Award
Memento Mori Award
Memento Mori Award
Memento Mori Award
Memento Mori Award
Memento Mori Award


A tour de force of verité filmmaking from two of Canada’s most acclaimed documentarians, Memento Mori grips the viewer in its emotional embrace, propelling us from moments of unexpected joy to profound anguish through a world few of us understand, but which we will all one day encounter.

A one-hour version of the feature-length film Memento Mori entitled Vital Bonds was produced for CBC “The Nature of Things” and PBS NOVA.


Executive Producers

Rosvitha Dransfeld, Bonnie Thompson (NFB), Sue Dando (CBC)

Writer & Director

Niobe Thompson


Brenda Terning & Scott Parker


John McMillan & Jonathan Kawchuk


Sergio Olivares & aAron Munson

Sound Recordists

Philip Dransfeld & Carey Opper

Sound Design

Johnny Blerot

Production Manager

Sandra Tober

Production Coordinator

Esther Viragh

Production Assistant

Tamarra Canu
Handful Credit
ID Credit
NFB Credit
Pbs Credit

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Memento Mori was produced for CBC’s “The Nature of Things” and PBS NOVA’s “Transplanting Hope”.

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